Change ... Inner and Outer

Wednesday December 19, 2012 comments

“Without inner change there can be no outer change. Without collective change, no change matters.”

                                                            Angel Kyodo Williams

Ms. Williams, a Zen Priest, has been described as a “maverick spiritual teacher.”  I’ve read a bit of her work and find it challenging and rewarding.  In this quote she combines matters of the heart and spirit with pragmatism.  I like that!

This week many of us in America are questioning our culture, our laws, our mental health system and ourselves.  Personally, I’m just deeply saddened at the loss of innocent life.  I don’t have instant answers and doubt those who say they do.  

My foundational belief is consistent with that of Angel Kyodo Williams – meaningful change must begin with generating individual transformation.  First for each of us.  Then for society as a whole.

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