Are you or a key team member ...

  • Already successful yet feeling you could accomplish much more?
  • Losing sleep or energy or relationships “sensing you're losing your mojo, that unique combination of qualities that has always worked for you?
  • Repeating behaviors that aren't working for you and your team?
  • Glimpsing exciting future possibilities and want a committed partner to help show you the way? 

"The Quantum Leap experience was one of the most profound experiences of my life and was nothing less than amazing. I gained new insights and awareness that I did not believe were possible and, more importantly, I created a new vision and goals for all areas of my business and personal life that were not possible before the Quantum Leap session. Many months later I continue to experience new insights and improved outcomes from the Quantum Leap and the on-going coaching sessions and am expanding what I know I can create in my business and personal life. I also continue to experience increased levels of performance and satisfaction, particularly from my business pursuits and am re-energized."

John J. Zentgraf, CEO
Wharton Capital Partners

"What a more empowering tool can one receive than an acute understanding of, and profoundly practical confidence in, one's own gifts and talents? This powerful tool is the Quantum Leap experience with Robert White. I have achieved amazing joy and love in my personal relationships, live a life of truly stunning adventures, and consistently surpass conventional standards of career success. Having already been successful I was extremely pleased with the additional contribution that has resulted in the extraordinary life I live today. I strongly endorse coaching with Robert White for those interested in exceptional living."

Mike Bode                        Bode Mechanical Inc.

Robert White and his team have extensive experience assisting leaders in becoming more personally and professionally effective.  Executive Mentors help develop fresh perspectives and improve the attitudes, habits and behaviors that lead to even greater accomplishment.  Penetrating questions, perhaps seeing some truth that you've been unaware of and then having that truth reflected back to you in a way that changes everything for the better ......... for the rest of your life. 

Are you ... (click through to specific solutions given the uniqueness of your role) 

You probably already know the value of a professional coach and even more so for an Executive Mentor.  Most entrepreneurs, professionals, senior executives and wealthy people are reluctant “ for solid reasons “ to counsel with staff or their Board or other investors.  Asking for advice from the wrong person can create unintended negative side effects.  Associations and mutual support groups can help with minor business issues but usually are inadequate forums for the serious work of a transformational shift in attitudes, habits and behaviors. 

Robert White and his team of talented coaches see their  role as being your committed partner in reaching the goals that are important to you and to help you integrate your personal and professional life so that your total experience is one of accomplishment, joy and satisfaction.  There are testimonials to our work on this site plus a number of clients are happy to talk with you privately and answer any questions about their experience.  (and yes, they're all delighted or we wouldn't make that offer!) 

You know the drill: every top performer in sports, music and drama, painting and business success has a coach. Winners know the value of feedback, new ways of thinking and skill building, best practices training and receiving knowledgeable encouragement.  That's what the coaches of Extraordinary People do to help you become an extraordinary performer” nothing less.  The intention here is to have your business grow while integrating your personal life and producing joy, success and fulfillment. If any of this resonates with you, let's find out if we should be working together.  For a confidential conversation, call Robert White today on his direct line: (303) 993-4640.  There's certainly no obligation and at the very least you'll have some fun getting to know each other. 


 "Companies are always looking for the best ways to spend money, and executive coaching/mentorship seems to fit the bill.

A study by Right Management Consultants indicates that the return on investment from executive coaching is almost six times the initial cost of purchasing the services.

When asked to assign a monetary value to the coaching they received, 70 percent of respondents estimated that the return on investment on their coaching was $100,000 or higher."


The report was based on a survey of 100 senior executives who have been participants in employer-sponsored coaching programs.

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