Extraordinary People's high-impact private or group executive mentoring and experiential seminar programs for leadership teams begin with an interactive adventure aimed aPersonal Maint the most neglected aspect of your education: your self-perceptions, your willingness to assume control of your life and the quality of your relationships.


You may think of education as learning acquired in school. But whether you notice or not, you're learning every moment of your life and the ever increasing pace of societal and business change requires an accelerated pace of gaining new, focused and result-oriented knowledge.


What you "learn" from experience can be beneficial or detrimental. Unpleasant experiences can cause you to avoid similar situations, or to filter your perception of present reality so it appears threatening or discouraging. This conditioning happens subconsciously and beyond what you might learn from it ... it is useless baggage. If you want to deal with life in the present, with full awareness, you can't operate using yesterday's fears or hidden beliefs. Shifting your perception enables you to control aspects of life that may have seemed unmanageable.


Extraordinary People's executive mentoring programs and team development seminars present some basic theories about how people perceive, behave and interact, and then asks participants to form independent conclusions-not by thinking about the information, but by using it and experiencing individual responses. It's exciting, revealing and often fun!


Most of us are successful at many things, but habitually fall short in others. This is because we unconsciously accumulate limiting attitudes and beliefs about what is possible and what isn't. Often, past conscious or sub-conscious feelings of blame, shame, regret, guilt and even past success experiences stop us from grasping what is possible for us in creating an extraordinary future.  Unless you make a conscious effort to reappraise your view of the world, you may be living partly in the past without being aware of it.


These executive mentoring programs and seminars have been carefully developed over a quarter of a century to provide personal breakthroughs in AWARENESS, RESPONSIBILITY, and COMMUNICATION. These are the cornerstones of our programs. People who have experienced the Extraordinary People Mentoing Programs or the Team Development Seminars  will tell you it significantly changed their outlook on life and brought increased results -- personally and professionally -- plus joy and satisfaction.

"The... experience was the single most powerful learning event in my life. I was able to create a much deeper understanding of my life's journey and see how to make a bigger difference and greater contribution to others. I believe the personal results that are possible ... coupled with the reinforcement from the book Living an Extraordinary Life are so extensive and pervasive, it would be impossible for anyone not to learn and grow significantly."

-Nelson Frye
Consulting Firm Associate

If you ask three different participants about the benefits they gained, you may get three different answers. For one, it might be increased self-confidence; for another, a more focused, less stressful attitude toward work; for another, improved relationships, especially integrating work  with family obligations. The most common response is that they got what they needed and wanted from the experience.


CoaMentoring and Team Development Seminars are conducted both privately (one-on-one) and with groups of 20 to 200 people in hotel meeting rooms and conference centers. For details on Robert White's Quantum Leap Executive Mentoring, contact him directly for a confidential and no-charge 30 minute telephone consultation.

The pattern for all seminar programs is similar:

  • Brief lectures or sessions are delivered by Robert White personally or in some cases by specially trained, qualified and certified Seminar Leaders, with participation by group members. These lectures or sessions introduce a topic which is followed by some experience such as an interactive exercise, a learning game or simulation.  This experiential methodolgy brings the ideas alive for participants.
  • Guided meditation and introspection exercises are also led by Robert White
  • Participants are invited to share their insights, experiences and questions if they wish.
  • Follow-up sessions are held where participants are able to review, share and build on their experiences. They learn to incorporate the tools for living an extraordinary life into their own lives, workplaces and communities.


This is a program you need to experience, not think about. To get just a small taste of the power of the coaching, mentoring or seminars, join us for one of our live or recorded teleseminars or contact Robert White directly. You'll gain an understanding of how different your outlook on life-and your ability to live it successfully-could become in a short period. In addition to learning about our work, you will gain specific personal "take-home" value from these teleseminars.

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We also provide a Extraordinary Life Home Study Program to assist you in your journey toward greater self-understanding, to develop your own Personal Growth Plan and to guide you through the process.

Feel free to phone us at 1 (720) 299-5900 or e mail [email protected] to get your questions answered.

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