Beginning a New Year with Truth Telling - A Crucial Leadership Quality

By: Robert White Saturday December 27, 2014 comments


“The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right name.” 

                                     Chinese proverb

Since I’m now based in China, I thought this enigmatic proverb might be an appropriate way to launch this next series of “Extraordinary Minutes.”

Often I’m so caught up in my vision or my story that I stray from rigorously telling myself (and others) the full truth.  Whether it be your personal or professional history, or having, as the Buddhist sages say “a rigorous regard for reality,” being able to actualize a compelling future vision is dependent on first telling the truth about our past and current lives.

One of the ways I assist myself in personal and professional development, is to work hard to “live in the question;” to ask myself if my version of reality is …. real! 

Another great tool is to have a friend or a support group test your version of reality.  Of course, ideally they would know of your deeper purpose, vision and values so they would have a filter, a context within which to evaluate your statement.  Even more importantly, you’ll need to actually LISTEN, free of judgment, blame or excuses.

This level of attention to self-directed honesty is rare … and powerful. To those who just celebrated the Western New Year and to those anticipating Chinese New Year in February, please accept my very best wishes that you enjoy every possible success, joy and satisfaction during the New Year and always.

With love and respect,

Robert White

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