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By: Robert White Tuesday June 25, 2013 comments

Over many years my approach to powerfully supporting meaningful and lasting personal and leadership growth for executives has been through delivering a two day, high-impact one-on-one experience I call The Quantum Leap. Its purpose, in addition to setting the course for a six month Denver executive coaching engagement, is to assist the client in:

  • Clearing his or her past of blame, shame, regret, guilt and even success
  • Learning how to better tell the truth about current reality
  • Creating a future of his or her own choosing


Being “in the room” with thousands of people and working with our Seminar Leaders over the years, I’ve learned that what gets in the way for many people in accomplishing those three purposes could perhaps be best described as the “normal neuroses” that seem to plaque many people in developed societies.

Remember – these are emotionally healthy people who have made a choice to live lives filled with more joy, fulfillment and success. Yet what “stops them” often borders on narcissism – their obsessive focus on their fears, insecurities, judgments of self and others, and their earlier success – their STUFF.

Who I’m NOT talking about here are people who have real mental and emotional problems – the kind for which only professional therapeutic intervention is needed. I’m talking about me and perhaps a good number of you.

Here’s the perhaps more challenging part of this essay: how about me and you? I know that when I’m “stuck,” first I experience the embarrassment of realizing that after all these years studying and living this material I still get “stuck.” Then I get incredibly creative at making myself right about my unhappiness. I whine, get sick, disappear, make someone else wrong …. The embarrassing and unproductive list goes on and on.

And I know you have your list – it seems a very human quality. The more successful and enlightened among us are often distinguished by our cleverness in expressing these dysfunctional patterns.

Soooooooooo ….. if you kind of, maybe, perhaps, sometimes, not always but when you’re tired or distracted, see just a little, just a smidge, a slight odor of yourself in the above description …. (Did I qualify that enough for your ego protection?) …. then what’s a girl or guy to do?


  1. Find someone or something else that you can unreservedly SERVE; and
  2. Get into action – DO SOMETHING with the intent to serve

Again and again in Extraordinary People's seminars and through Executive coaching in Denver we’ve found that the most “stuck” participants, the ones most resistant and most righteous, were totally freed up when we tricked them into simply being “in service” to someone else struggling with their petty neuroses.

And yes, I said “tricked.” It works most times and we do it unashamedly with love and commitment to the participant’s higher self, their vision and their mission in life.

Those of us resident in the USA experience Halloween when the goblins at our doors sing out “Trick or Treat.” In the case of my coaching solution to dealing with our “stuff,” the correct label might be “Trick AND Treat.” When you notice that you’re hangin’ out in your stuff, you don’t need my Denver executive coaching to follow the simple practice of simply looking for someone or something to SERVE and then getting into action immediately.

There are closets to clean, shoes to shine, neighbors that could use a hand, communities (and parks!) that could use your loving attention, blood banks to fill (I’m typing this with my brightly colored Bonfils Blood Bank bandage on my arm) and, most of all, people to hold, to feed, to love.

Most importantly – DO IT. Make that call. Get into action. You’ll be amazed at how good it makes you feel to just ignore, transcend or just blow by your own stuff. Or, in the immortal words of Don Henley, “get over it” and serve.

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These are simple and not always easy:

  1. Wake up. Your “stuff” often gets in the way of living the life you want to live … your extraordinary life.
  2. Spend no time analyzing your “stuff.” It’s most often a waste of time and energy and remember, the primary purpose (some say the only purpose) of the mind is to insure the survival of the ego. Your thinking will only encourage you to get more right about your “stuff.”
  3. FIND SOMEONE OR SOMETHING TO SERVE. Without thinking of what’s in it for you, give to your friends, your family, your colleagues, your community.
  4. DO IT NOW.

And, email me anything you learn about you and others in this process – your experiences inspire and motivate me.


Robert White

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