Honoring Buckminster Fuller

Saturday April 28, 2012 comments

“The most special thing about me is that I am an average man. I say that as a challenge to any limitation you may have accepted for your life.”

                                                                     Buckminster Fuller

 Most of the quotes I comment on in Extraordinary Minutes either ring true or at least generate curiosity for me personally. This one literally changed my life.

Bucky Fuller was someone I long admired from afar. I read his books, viewed his architecture and inventions in museums and did more than a little hero worship. Then I heard him speak in Tokyo during the early eighties. My one minute reading pledge limits me to not go into detail about that event – for more you’ll need to read the chapter I wrote for the new anthology A Fuller View edited by L. Steven Seiden.

Bucky challenged the system and offered positive solutions to all of our major challenges – personal and global. He constantly reminded us that each person can make a positive difference. He was often referred to as “Grandfather to the future” and the John Denver fans out there will recognize those words from the song JD wrote to celebrate Bucky’s birthday, What One Man Can Do.

I’m so very proud to be included as co-author of A Fuller View along with Barbara Marx Hubbard, Werner Erhard, Gary Zukav and Hazel Henderson. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said of the book “prepare to have your world turned upside down.” I agree.

If you’d like a copy for $19.95 (I’ll pay domestic shipping), just e mail me at [email protected] and provide a snail mail address. I’ll send you an e mail invoice you can securely pay by credit card.

Comments about Bucky … or anything else … are welcome.

With love and respect,