Leaders: Think Positive or Be Positive?

By: Robert White Wednesday June 12, 2013 comments

“Saying that positive thinking doesn’t work is such heresy that I may be unceremoniously drummed out of the personal development field.  And, it is mostly true.”

                              from “Living an Extraordinary Life” by Robert White 

For those of you just waiting to see how long it took until I slipped in a not-so-subtle promotion for my book  ….. here’s the answer: not long!

I’ve been saying the above in my public speaking appearances for many years.  I’ve found it to be provocative – it engages the audience – and a good introduction to the distinction between “positive thinking” and “positive being.”

There’s an old joke about the positive thinking guy who jumps from a building’s 38th floor.  As he passes by an open window on the 19th floor is heard to shout “so far, so goooooood.” 

I figure a lot of damage has been done by teaching people to “think positive” when many of life’s challenges call for a wholly different way of thinking.

“Being positive,” on the other hand, suggests that we could be appropriately expressing grief over the death of a loved one while simultaneously maintaining a positive internal context for all of life.  This would be the result of developing an internal state of “life is good as long as I’m vertical” while allowing for stuff to happen that doesn’t feel good.

Join me in my campaign!  Print your signs and banners!  Get the bumper strip! 

                            “No positive thinking. Be positive!”

With love and respect,

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Robert White

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