Leaders are Goal Strivers

Tuesday May 7, 2013 comments

"Man is by nature a goal striving being.  And because he is built that way he is not happy unless he is functioning as he was made to function ... as a goal striver"

                                                            Maxwell Maltz

Dr. Maltz’s book Psycho-Cybernetics was published in 1960 and essentially pioneered the entire self-help, human potential book industry. The book was recommended as one of the “50 Self-Help Classics” and it was one of the two books that I feel most affected my early journey toward being a leader and teaching leadership – the other being Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich.

Dr. Maltz was a plastic surgeon and he began noticing that improving his patient’s outer appearance often made no change in their inner feelings about themselves – their self-esteem and confidence.  He began a study of self-improvement and the power of the mind.  In that context, he saw the power of clear, meaningful and compelling goals.

I’m certainly not being particularly brilliant to remind you that writing out your goals is absolutely paramount in living an extraordinary life.  Please let us know of your goal setting and how that process has influenced your life.

With love and respect,