Leadership - Creating a Future of Our Own Choosing!

Wednesday March 20, 2013 comments

“Leadership is about how we shape futures that we truly desire, as opposed to try as best we can to cope with circumstances we believe are beyond our control.“

                                                                   Peter Senge

MIT Professor and author of the best-selling book The Learning Organization (plus lots more!), Peter Senge is a gifted teacher.  I got to know him through his facilitation of the Leadership and Mastery seminar where I learned just enough about General Systems Theory to be dangerous!

One of my personal learnings through working with executive teams is that sometimes organizations – including families – have adopted a subtle and corrosive attitude of victimization.  They’ve accepted conditions they feel they cannot change which leads to a certain level of powerlessness.  “We’re resigned to dealing with this as it is and can’t do anything about it.”

I believe it is possible to create a future of our own choosing, independent of whatever our personal or organizational history and certainly independent of our circumstance.  Is it “easy?”  Yes and no.  It’s certainly easier than putting up with something that generates less than 100% joy, satisfaction and results.

Conversation about this … or any performance issue you’d like to discuss is encouraged!

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