Leadership Requires That You Stop Doing That Which Does Not Work

By: Robert White Wednesday July 30, 2014 comments

“The thinking of creative and successful men is never exerted in any direction other than that intended. That is why great men produce such a prodigious amount of work, seemingly without effort and without fatigue. The amount of work such men leave to posterity is amazing.“

                                                                        Walter Russell

Assuming Mr. Russell (1871-1963 … thus following the syntax of his era) inadvertently failed to include women in this quote, I really like its’ pragmatic take on intention.

In working with my executive coaching clients and teams, one of my first “in action” recommendations is to stop doing what doesn’t work.  Sounds simple; however the non-intentional activity we all fall into at times sabotages much accomplishment.

When we become clear on what we want to create (Principle #1 of my Eight Principles for Achieving Extraordinary Success: Decide – clearly, specifically and positively what you want), then life and work flow more smoothly. Stuff happens!

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