Learning to Lead from Teenagers!

Wednesday May 29, 2013 comments

“I have no contempt for that time of life when our friendships are most passionate and our passions incorrigible and none of our sentiments yet compromised by greed or cowardice or disappointment.  The volatility and intensity of adolescence are qualities we should aspire to preserve.”

                                                            Edmund White

Attending son Levi’s college graduation last week was an incredible celebration of his persistence and commitment.  It also included a transition in our relationship – he’s clearly his own man now and any desire I might have to continue in an old Father-Son relationship seems pointless.

Instead, I came away from that long weekend realizing I’m now learning from him as much as he might learn from me.  His enthusiasm and even his naiveté are qualities I need to learn from, re-connect to and actually live.  His willingness to “jump in” to building out and managing a ranch just out of college shows a willingness to risk that inspires me …. and I’ve been teaching about risking for years as one of my Eight Principles for Extraordinary Success.

What is that quality of adolescence that you need to bring back into your life?  Do let me know and let’s continue the conversation.

With love and respect,

P. S.  With the help of some sharp-eyed readers and design work by the talented Beth Dickinson ([email protected]), my Eight Principles has expanded to 28 pages. The design and graphics make it more readable and it’s more sharply edited.  I’d be happy to send you a copy if you’ll just click here to e mail me and put “Eight Principles” in the subject line.  It’s a great reminder of how to be more successful and a gift I love to give!  Feel free to share it with friends, family and colleagues!