One More Reason Leadership Ain't Easy

By: Robert White Monday July 8, 2013 comments

“Society does not want individuals who are alert, keen, revolutionary, because such individuals will not fit into the established social pattern and they may break it up.  That is why society seeks to hold your mind in its pattern, and why your so-called education encourages you to imitate, to follow, to conform.”

                                                            J. Krishnamurti

My friend Melanie Sturm writes a column for the Aspen Times titled “Think Again.”  She encourages people to look at sometimes controversial topics with a fresh perspective, free of any limiting beliefs.  You can check out her brilliant essays at

While preparing for an executive leadership training I’m facilitating this week, I thought again about how powerful our often unconscious belief systems are in determining our actions and reactions to life’s flow.  One reminder – useful to me and perhaps to you – was that gaining greater awareness of our own belief structure gives us the power to choose whether some of our beliefs support or diminish our experience, our ability to generate joy and satisfaction.

Your thoughts, as always, are welcome!

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P. S.  Many of my close friends have brilliant offspring and Martin Leaf’s son Cliff is one example.  He’s an Editor at the New York Times and has spent many years researching cancer – a scourge in our lives and our families.  Cliff’s book “The Truth in Small Doses: Why We’re Losing the War on Cancer – and How to Win It!” will be released July 16th.  It is an important book on an urgent subject. 

The game for authors is sales momentum so if you have an interest in a controversial look at progress in ending cancer or have someone in your life who is affected – that’s ME, I ordered three copies – please read the early reviews and pre-order the book(s) by clicking here. 


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