Part of Being an Extraordinary Leader is Knowing How to Always Forge Ahead

By: Robert White Wednesday February 12, 2014 comments

“The mature human being goes about doing what needs to be done regardless of whether that person feels great or terrible. Knowing that you are the kind of person with that kind of self-control brings all the satisfaction and confidence you will ever need. Even on days when the satisfaction and confidence just aren’t there, you can get the job done anyway.“

                                                   David K. Reynolds

I consider Dr. Reynolds a Mentor even though we’ve never met.  Given that he splits his time between the USA and Japan and that I lived in Japan for thirteen years, it’s actually a bit embarrassing to admit I didn’t make the effort to personally connect.

David Reynolds is perhaps the most capable Western interpreter of the Naikan Method – a simple and powerful discipline for self-reflection.  While I often stress the importance of fully “feeling your feelings,” I also see the wisdom inherent in this piece of coaching. 

No matter what our feelings, if we are grounded in a fundamental knowing that we can choose to express our self-control and “do what needs to be done,” then joy, satisfaction and accomplishment will increase.  Powerful wisdom!

If you’d like to further investigate Dr. Reynolds’ thinking, you can check out his many books at  or go to  For serious students of personal improvement, I highly recommend his work.

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