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Tuesday March 12, 2013 comments

"All mankind is divided into three classes: those that are immoveable, those that are moveable, and those that move."

                                                  Benjamin Franklin

Inventor, American Revolution era Minister to France and prolific writer of wit and wisdom.  Those are only a few of the many roles Ben Franklin played during his extraordinary life.

His quote here could be judged as too simplistic; yet it conveys one of those “hard truths” we all need to deeply understand and apply. I’m reminded about the train metaphor: you can watch the train go by; you can get on board the train; or you can stand on the tracks and get run over ….. because the train is going where it is going.

My personal experience is that unfortunately, a growing number of people are moving toward “immoveable.”  They’ve made up their minds about what they know, who they are and what their future will be.  My recommendation to my executive coaching clients is that staying curious, flexible, learning …. more awareness, not less …. is the #1 imperative in today’s ever-changing, fast-paced world.

What are you curious about?  What are you learning?  I’d like to know!