The King Of Dreamers Was an Extraordinary Leader

By: Robert White Wednesday February 19, 2014 comments

We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.

Martin Luther King

I attempt to avoid a “preachy” tone in these little missives, though I’m aware I’m not always successful in avoiding that irritating (to many) quality.

Dr. King was, in fact, a Minister so it was appropriate for him to deliver his powerful messages without hesitation or obfuscation. It is Black History Month here in the USA and I’m reminded of the many positive contributions MLK made to our history through that ability to speak directly and passionately about core issues.

Number seven of my Eight Principles is to “Be in Partnership,” to play win-win in all areas of our lives.  Competition can be great – with a sibling or parent; to drive business success or elect a favorite political candidate.  While we’re competing, let’s remember Dr. King’s wise counsel.  We all are, in fact, in this thing called life together.  Let’s live from a commitment to take care of each other.

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