What Are We To Do When the Economy is

By: Robert White Saturday July 5, 2014 comments

If you read this question and see nothing wrong with the language, or consider the question reasonable, then you might want to consider other ways in which your current perceptions are limiting your results.

The seemingly innocent language of this question reflects the ordinary perception that “things happen to us” and this perception is often what prevents us from achieving the results we want in our lives.

Is there another choice?

If you’re our executive coaching client or you've participated in one of the Lifespring, ARC or Extraordinary People seminars or if you’ve read my book, Living an Extraordinary Life, you were challenged to look at how you respond to the barriers that appear between you and your vision.

When we experience barriers or obstacles seemingly out of our control, these barriers can become great excuses for why we are not achieving what we say we want in our lives.

"I'd love to have a great relationship with my kids but they're too busy with their own lives."

"I really want to work with children but I don't have the right kind of education."

In time of economic downturns, we hear a common chorus:

"I want my career to succeed but the economy is so bad that I can't. It's not my fault. There's nothing I can do about it."

Isn't there? What might your career and life look like if you chose to perceive yourself as a "cause" rather than a "victim" of your own economic circumstances? What might you do differently rather than resigning yourself to struggling along with everyone else?

For starters, it helps to keep your focus on where you want to be, rather than focusing on the obstacles that stand in the way. In hang gliding the maxim is “don’t look where you don’t want to land.”

The positive, powerful, even extraordinary choice is to take responsibility.

Look around you, there are plenty of examples of people who are so committed to their dreams that nothing will prevent their success. Find those examples and model their persistence and commitment.

Instead of asking yourself, "How will the economic recession affect me?" ask yourself extraordinary questions:

Have I done the personal development work of clearing any past blame, shame, regret guilt and yes, even letting go of past success?

Am I getting help to accurately assess and tell the truth about my current reality?

Is my dream, my vision, powerful enough and clear enough to propel me through any fog and self imposed or outer barriers?

Is my commitment and intention strong enough to empower myself to work through or around those barriers?

If this whole idea infuriates you (is there some resistance there?) or if you feel you need some coaching assistance to implement positive change toward an extraordinary future or for any reason at all, powerful and effective coaching assistance is available. Contact me today!

This is ultimately about personal and professional power. You need it. You want it and Extraordinary People can help you get it back.

Robert White

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