Leaders Give, Give and Give Some More: Part One

By: Robert White Wednesday September 11, 2013 comments

Serving others in addition to its intrinsic value also serves as therapy for much of what ails us. Human beings are complicated, yet from our experience of working with hundreds of thousands of people, weve learned that most or even all of the average persons neuroses and hang-ups disappear when they start giving and serving others. from Living an Extraordinary Life by Robert White of Extraordinary People That Extraordinary Minute quote generated more response than any other in our history. I thought youd enjoy and find... Read More

Extraordinary People Create Extraordinary Relationships

By: Robert White Friday September 6, 2013 comments

Years ago I saw Mel Gibson's movie "The Passion of the Christ." It clearly was a vivid leadership experience certainly for me and thus very challenging to describe. Ive spoken with several of my Denver executive coaching clients on what can be learned from the experience that can contribute to our success. Fascinating! If you haven't seen it, one note of caution you may have already heard is this is definitely not the "sanitized crucifixion of Christ" we're all used to. The violence is real and unrelenting so if you are squeamish, don't... Read More

Extraordinary People: Leadership Requires Taking Risks

By: Robert White Sunday September 1, 2013 comments

Number Five of The Eight Power Principles for Extraordinary Success Take Risks!!! Your local library or web search engine can assist with an interesting exercise. Look up change and prepare yourself for overload. Today a Google search returned over 2.4 billion pages on change! Dealing with, managing or at least coping with the ever-increasing rate and amount of change has become an urgent issue in our lives and an industry for Denver executive coaching , consultanting and punditry. This series is focused on assisting you,... Read More

Creating Partnerships To Help Everyone Win!

By: Robert White Friday August 30, 2013 comments

Dr. Mark Albion shared with me the story of how a few years ago, at the Seattle Special Olympics, nine contestants, all physically or mentally disabled, assembled at the starting line for the 100-yard dash. At the gun, they all started out, not exactly in a dash, but with a relish to run the race to the finish and win. All, that is, except one little boy who stumbled on the asphalt, tumbled over a couple of times, and began to cry. The other eight heard the boy cry. They slowed down and looked back. Then they all turned around and went back. ... Read More

Creating Community: Our Sustenance & Our Responsibility

By: Robert White Tuesday August 27, 2013 comments

Community. The origin is from the early Greek communitas which directly translates to held in common. I like this definition and wonder, do we, you and I, hold our fellow community members in common? And when I speak of community here, in addition to our place of residence, I include our workplaces, our church, temple, ashram or mosque and our service organizations. Do we hold the people, mission and activities of all of our gathering places in common? A dear friend and a very bright guy asked me Who won the Presidential Debate? We had a... Read More

Leaders Give, Give and Give Some More: Part Two!

By: Robert White Sunday August 25, 2013 comments

n Part One on the subject of serving others, I stated about service that in addition to its intrinsic value serving also serves as therapy for much of what ails us. Extraordinary people take the time to serve others, and the rewards are amazing! I also shared this quote from my book and, of course, take every opportunity I can to encourage you to read it! Human beings are complicated, yet from our experience of working with hundreds of thousands of people, weve learned that most or even all of the average persons neuroses and... Read More

Extraordinary People Express Themselves

By: Robert White Thursday August 22, 2013 comments

Number Four of The Eight Power Principles for Extraordinary Success "EXPRESS YOURSELF" Throughout my years of Denver executive coaching I've come to realize that your knowledge, experience and abilities are the contribution and difference only you can make. Recognizing these qualities and expressing yourself through word and deed is a sure-fire way to improve your results in life. Many people have been taught to be silent and passive, to put a lid on it. Our lessons as children often included messages that what we thought or... Read More

Our (Almost) Sacred Identity

By: Robert White Wednesday August 21, 2013 comments

So heres the story as I heard it: On a beautiful summer day in Long Island, a guy is walking down the street in Sag Harbor, New York with his thirteen year old daughter. Theyve just spent a wonderful day together on his boat and, as had been their custom for many years, were on their way to get ice cream as completion for the ideal father daughter experience. The guy is very happy to have had this special time with his daughter and he absent-mindedly begins singing aloud. She promptly grabs his arm and in an urgent... Read More

Extraordinary People Participate 100%

By: Robert White Saturday August 17, 2013 comments

Number Six of The Eight Power Principles for Extraordinary Success My former wife and I moved in 1971 from relatively conservative Wiscons into crazy California. We learned about Buddhist teacher Ram Dass teaching to be here now. We werent sure what it meant but it seemed a good idea! When I teach participation as a key to successful living, I mean more than having your consciousness present. The approach developed over time with my Denver executive coaching work in Lifespring, ARC International and now Extraordinary People is... Read More

Extraordinary Minute- August 14, 2013

By: Robert White Wednesday August 14, 2013 comments

Everything, a horse, a vine, is created for some duty. For what task, then, were you yourself created? A man's true delight is to do the things he was made for. Marcus Aurelius As you read this Im winging my way home on the final legs of an around-the-world journey marked by seminars Ive facilitated in Taipei, Taiwan and Almaty, Kazakhstan. I suppose Ive followed the admonition of American author Horace Greeley to go West young man, go West. The difference, of course, is that instead of a covered wagon over rutted trails,... Read More